Sep 11, 2013

In the Hills of the Chianti

In words: serpentines, vineyards, moon, crickets, Pomino, farmhouse, birthday, hospitality, kind people, 
great people, funny people, great cooks, kids play, laughter, dogs, goats, string lights, cakes, a lot of cakes, cheese, pasta con zucchini, Pesche, Cantuccini, Ciambellone, Biro Basta, Tuscany for beginners, 
ma icche tu dici, late night coffee, crazy English, semi English, table football, sitting under open sky, 
breeze, joy, easiness, spontaneity, beauty of kindness, beauty of friendship, beauty of smile.

(And yes, hard times do exist in my life too)


  1. you have taken some stunning photographs

  2. Such wonderful photographs! Been looking through your blog, since you left a comment on mine, and will definitely be making more visits here :)

  3. Wow, what a feast. Food looks delicious.