Sep 12, 2012

But I

even more believe in the smalls, splash a cup after using it, plant a flower, cook a meal, 
clean in a park, clean ur hard drives, help, train ur smile in an elevator mirror. 
In doing things truly, not as the life fashion, just as the life itself.

So me and my adopted model (and friend, yes) Zsuzsi gave our small contribution to the world 
cleanup action Let's do it. All funny details by Zuzsi on her space. It was really fun.

Sep 7, 2012

Laundry shop goes Cinderella

transformation without The Fairy Godmother. 
With spontaneous magic of lovely people willing to play, great friends and cozy music. 
And with my friend Juliet being completely magical too.

(I work with ten male colleagues. Sometimes we joke that difference between men and women is that in everyday 
life men usually can handle just a few things well and women are able to handle plenty of them. Do you want to know the difference between Juliet and the other women?)