May 28, 2013

Quince blossoms

slipping into the night

And yes, I know. Four and almost the same. Sometimes I'm simply 
obsessed and there is nothing to be done. They are just too beautiful.

May 5, 2013

Guessing game

In ten days I learned what N P K stands and what are they each responsible for, how to make a nettle 
fertilizer, that banana peels are natural source of potassium, how to use soap against aphids on roses, 
how to change soil pH, but I still don't know the colour of my rose. I bought it with no label and 
decided to surprise myself with that information. It seems that winning colour will be somewhere between 
yellow and orange. For someone who is more into distinctly red Kronberg or Lilli Marleen rose I'm still 
not against keeping the life a little bit uncontrolled. But more growing, more alive.

(Counting the number of potunia flowers is not about control, it is just an indice how proud I am of going 
green in my balcony;-))

May 1, 2013