Jan 6, 2017

Walking through

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Perhaps to love is to learn
to walk through this world.
To learn to be silent
like the oak and the linden of the fable.
To learn to see.
Your glance scattered seeds.
It planted a tree.
I talk
because you shake its leaves.

Octavio Paz

Taken on a hiking tour through Tatra Mountains on a beautiful, quietly special day.

(climbing to the summit of Rysy from the Polish side and treking down to the Slovak side)


  1. Alma!!!
    It's been awhile, and it's so good to hear from you. I miss all your photographs.
    I wish you've been having a good time all this time, and can't wait to see you in your next mountain-climbing adventure through your pictures :)

    1. Dear Niken, yes, last year I needed time for some other life things but I was really missing this place and here I am now (-: I'm looking forward to all beautiful visual and verbal 'exchanges'. Big hug xx