Nov 21, 2014

Gazing out

These days I've been thinking about one person. Person I don't know almost anything about, but it seems I don't really need it.

Summers are like falling in love. Suddenly all ifs are more reachable, all the unknowns are more familiar, the future is softer and more lovable.

And in the moments of not thinking there is still simple happiness, the warmth of the sun, laughter around
and the shore to gaze out over the endlessly beautiful sea.
And you feel that it is all you've ever really wanted and it so great, so so enough.



These are taken during my summer holiday on Brač Island in the Adriatic sea.


  1. I had to google Brac Island because your photos were so familiar, as if I had been there too. And yes, I spent a summer many years ago on Hvar & a few of the surrounding yes, they were most familiar indeed. Thank you for bringing back so many memories!

  2. I m glad to read that Sally, that my pictures have evoked some beautiful memories of yours. And indeed and Brac Island and Hvar are both very beautiful. For me, the islands generally are and I m looking forward to explore more of them. And wish u the same(-:

  3. I have so much love for this post! You make me miss the summertime.

  4. All amazing and beautiful. It looks like there is Bouganvillea there - I saw this once in California and found it beautiful but it doesn't grow here...