Jul 19, 2014


'Bright mornings.
Days when I want so much I want nothing.
Just this life, and no more. Still,
I hope no one comes along.
But if someone does, I hope it’s her.
The one with the little diamond stars
at the toes of her shoes.'

I sure do love the other poets and not only Raymond Carver, but just there is some captivating beauty in the raw, simple and common life he was writing about.
It seems so appropriate for this morning.
The picture is of my blooming hydrangea.


  1. A beautiful poem to accompany a beautiful picture :).

  2. Days when I want so much I want nothing.
    Just this life, and no more - really love these lines. sometimes i'm overwhelmed by so many things that i feel like i don't want anything much. lovely poems and really fit saturdays! i wish we can grow hydrangea here. i hope you have a lovely week, dear Alma :)

  3. so gorgeous - the photos and the words. can it be saturday morning all of the time?

  4. love the last two lines of the poem - so simple, so beautiful. and the photo of course! x

  5. this is a beautiful poem and a beautiful picture!

  6. Hydrangeas is one of my favourite flowers. The poem is lovely. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, both the words and the photo.

  8. hey alma,
    how are you doing??? hope that things are ok with you :)

  9. Just stopping by, how have you been? :)