Jan 6, 2014

On New Year's Eve

'And the light was quiet
Star gleams
Comet trails'

It's not that I believe in 'the big days', but I do believe in the hopes we put in our lives everyday. 
The small ones for each new morning or a lot of them in the only one night for the whole next year, it 
doesn't really matter. They make us breath, grow, believe, work hard, dream, smile, our hearts to glitter.
And I simply love that magic in people. Happy New Year.


  1. what a fun way to spend NYE. it had been raining non-stop for 3 days since NYE here. i watched the fireworks under the harsh rain. my cousin was really good in talk me out of my bed. but the brought me to a really good restaurant, so i was okay - ha. i'm not the kind of person that go festive on new years arrival either. i agree with you about the hope of a better life we put everyday.

    it's good to hear from you, by the way :)
    have you done with the exams?

  2. someone was having great fun :)

  3. @Niken Thank u a lot for having me in ur thoughts:) I know my 'blogoyear' had only 10 month, I completely missed August and December, but the good thing is that I have only one programming work left before start writing theses and it s kind of good feeling. Still, I was mentally away from a lot of things I enjoy, from this place as well, but it s getting better now:) And yes, the good food is not a bad way to start the new year either;-)xx
    @lobato yes indeed! i hope urs was great too:) greets!

  4. Your words are soothing and your photos stunning. Happy 2014, my friend. I wish you a blessed year ahead. ♡ :-)

  5. i love photos of people smiling. happy new year to you!

  6. Thank u Irene and Jane, same to u ♥

  7. so beautiful. everyone looks so full of joy, and their happiness is captured perfectly. i hope you have a magical, magical year ahead xx

  8. Absolutely beautiful. I believe in the exact same glittery magic, the hope that fills within one's heart on new year's eve is so fulfilling in a lovely way. Happy New Year!