Apr 18, 2013


...and the spring, almost there.

On the very first day, at Walchensee lake, the weather didn't look so promising. It was freezing cold,
but that was what I expected before coming. Lower expectations made the following days even more
enjoyable. The hours in the sun, being loose, having time. Getting closer to the river.




  1. Beautiful pictures. My header picture was taken in Munich ;)

  2. kad vidim ove slike sjetim se svoje prve posjete minhenu. to je bio moj prvi put u jednom velikom gradu. bilo je to davno, ali sjecam se dobro koliko mi se svidjalo. hvala sa malu posjetu down memory lane :)

  3. Drago mi je zbog te njihove uloge i da sam 'potrefila':)

    @Person hinter den Worten. Thank u! It was a really nice stay in ur country, I almost succeeded not to care about at that time very changeable weather, it tells something;)