Apr 30, 2013

Following the line

There is the story behind. Sad, as the stories behind often are. 
But this time, it was just a tranquil walk along the ruins of 1.5 km long Sarajevo bobsleigh built 
for 1984 Winter Olympics. 
Now it is silently swerving through the serene forest. Still beautiful in its own way, just without 
happy people to greet the winners at the finish line.


  1. Nice work Alma! It's a beautiful and terrible place at the same time...

    I included this link in my post of the same topic!


  2. Luigi, u will become more informed in the region than I am:-)
    And thank u, it was last Sunday, we took a walk to Trebevic, than along the bobsleigh to the end, and than down to the city, on foot. Tiring, but worth it:)