Dec 10, 2012

Licence to chill

Saturday night I was helping to my neighbours, Johanna and Theresa, to bake Christmas cookies.
With thousands of snowflakes in the air it was almost like in a movie screenplay. With some dirty 
loundry (aka burned cookies) too. We made (played) around two hundred cookies and it was real fun.

When returning home, I took a photo of our side street. For the first time in two years I have neighbours 
I'm spending time with. 
Now I need to left out the sugar. Or salt. It's a cliche, but a good one. When you have a good neighbours as I do.


  1. Lovely photos, Alma. That one of the street looks so cozy and calm and sparkly. It made me miss Sarajevo :)

  2. I'm happy if it does so! We miss u both here:)