Nov 10, 2012

Lessons Learned

1. Never be passionate about trying out your new 50 mm lens so much to take it to a concert except you have seats in a front row. A pianist and a drummer will be ignored by camera as well.

2. But about all other beautiful things be passionate as much as you can. I often allow that to be overtaken by routine and me to ask 'why' when choosing harder. But then, when people do things with passion and love it becomes so distinctive that makes them and you, watching them, enjoy so much and every effort meaningful. In music and in life. They did cause a 'soulquake' of magnitude 10. Why the concerts don't come with Replay button? 

Taken at Dhafer Youssef concert on this year Sarajevo Jazz Fest. Apart from kora, oud is my favorite instument from the group of those I didn't have an opportunity to hear in the first 15 years of my life and from all oud players heard over the years Dhafer Youssef is my the favorite one.

This is one song from his last record Abu Nawas Rhapsody. At one moment at the concert, while announcing the next composition, he said 'Let's fly for a while'. If those previous two were the lessons learned this could be a task. Whenever and with any pair of wings you have at that moment.

(Clarinetist from the last picture is a member of Taksim Trio, another great band that opened this year festival and were very good as well. Another great one.)

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