Oct 6, 2012


Sometimes it is good not to have a lot of time and just gave up any planning. I am often running 
all kind of plans and lists. Sometimes they are useful, but sometimes, when there are a lot of things 
to do and a lot of stress they are just the only thing I can do, a lame illusion of victory over the pressure.

Belgrade was a pretty opposite.
In hardly two days we enjoyed walking around the docks, watching the people and taking the photos of socialist architecture. Just like that, with not a one 'what is the next'. The big sky and the big river made that freedom even lighter and more enjoyable.

(Visiting Nikola Tesla Museum we saw real lightnings and how it's possible by passing high frequency current through human body to light the bulb in your hand. I think I felt seven years old kid's excitement when watching Back to the Future (the old fashion example taken from my childhood, I guess the newer one would eventually contain some vampires).) 


  1. Beautiful pics!
    In two of these we catched the similar view! ;-)



  2. Thank you!
    But still I would rather swap my chess players photo with yours and I m serously thinking that. But 'my' man is somewhat older with some more graffiti around so I will keep him:)