Aug 22, 2012

Neither in time

My mother has been the great cook all her life. The sort of 'less than five' kind. She has a subtle technique and stick-to-itiveness. And it has never failed. She makes the fluffiest almost only flour, sugar and butter baked goods. My experiments with Belgian chocolate, attempts at macaroons or cake decorating would never be able to beat that. And since the Belgian chocolate does the half of the work by itself, I don't find these to be some special skills at all.

Now she is getting to an age when a creativity need is sometimes overcame by feeling tired. Then she allows me to cook instead of her. It never comes out better than she would make it, but seeing her getting older makes me emotional. I made this one for this year Eid celebration at my parent's.

The plates on the photo we almost never use. But this time we did. They are complitelly 80ish. But I'm 80ish too. I was born after eight years of my parent's marriage which gave a lot of attention to my birth (by 80ish standards too with not so much photos involved). That's why there is a lot of 'when u were born' storries. 

So many times I've heard about my mother's uncle these plates were a gift from when I was born. And how he brought still warm spinach pie while my mother was still in a hospital. 

Most of the time my familly has overgrown 80ish esthetics, but certainly not the beautiful memories.

It gives me comfort in time passing. In my mom getting older too.
And makes me growing by all means. Because once I will be in somebody else's memories. Hopefully beautiful ones.

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